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At a time of immense and rapid growth in the distribution of knowledge and information, Cruickshank protects the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of innovators and helps them sell their ideas and assets further through patents, exclusive rights and trademarks.

A multidisciplinary practice, Cruickshank offers specialist expertise across a broad range of areas and technologies. We match our technical strengths to those of our clients, so as to maximise financial and consumer benefit.

Trade Marks
and How to
Build a Brand

Trade Marks 

What is a Trade Mark?


A Trade Mark is how a business identifies its goods and services, and distinguishes them from those of its competitors. It is any sign that can be represented graphically and can consist of words, designs, logos, letters and slogans.

Trade Mark protection prohibits any other party from using an identical or similar Trade Mark in the same field. The owner thus has a marketplace monopoly over the distinguishing marks of its products, such as colours, sounds and logos. A Trade Mark carries value and is an essential asset in successful brand building, publicity and advertising.

At Cruickshank, we want to help you realise and preserve the full potential of your brand. Our dedicated and experienced team are always on hand to provide you with support, advice and expertise when it comes to your Trade Mark registration and protection.


Patents and
How to Register
your Creativity

Trade Marks 

What is a Patent?


Patents are monopolies granted by individual States usually lasting 20 years from the date of filing. They prevent a rival company from launching a competing product, and prevent third parties from copying, manufacturing, or distributing a protected product without the patent owner’s consent. Cruickshank files and pursues patent applications at both the Irish and European Patent Offices, giving you the opportunity to extend your patent protection in a wider marketplace. 


Patent protection grants exclusive rights to the owner. During the 20-year period of protection, annual fees must be paid to maintain your patent.

Our Patent Attorneys at Cruickshank can guide you easily through the patent process and help to bring your ideas to life, whilst ensuring that all requirements are met.

and Protecting
your Rights

Trade Marks 

What is Design Protection?


Design Registration protects the design of a product against unauthorised use or infringement of any kind, and ensures that the owner retains its right to their design and features. It is an effective form of intellectual property protection.

Cruickshank can fully guide you through the various requirements needed to register and protect your design within the European Union.

As current marketplaces continue to grow and become more competitive, the aesthetics of a product have gained more focus, leading to the importance of Design Registration for any intellectual property strategy.