Posted on Saturday 16 August 2008 by Cruickshank Intellectual Property

Understandably, a good deal of time and thought should be taken when choosing an appropriate Foreign Associate. It is important to consider factors such as their quality of work, level of responsiveness, cost of service and location. Luckily, Ireland is fortunate to be a fertile field when it comes to finding firms that can bring your business to soar in leaps and bounds.

In recent years, companies in the US, Asia and the EU have flourished from having had Ireland successfully house their overseas operations. Of course, there are many risks to account for when collaborating with another company, especially one at long-distance, but when they are Irish the benefits will outshine by far.


A Well-Established Track Record

In 2011 Forbes named Ireland the best country to do business with in Europe. This comes as no surprise as it has long been celebrated by companies overseas for its availability of skilled labor, having an adaptable workforce and investment incentives.

The qualities listed are also what makes Irish boutique firms so attractive to do business with. Their consistency of service comes second to none with regards to larger firms whose quality will be determined by the ever-changing attorneys who occupy it.


Trust is Everything

Ireland is the ideal basecamp when searching for a Foreign Associate in that it provides a strong well-educated workforce of the highest standards. Is it any wonder we host such responsive and competent workers when our education system ranks seventh in the world for meeting the needs of a competitive economy?

Another quality that lies in collaborating with an Irish firm is that English is their first language. More often than not, the younger staff of a foreign business may not have the most practiced of English. This often leads to work-requests getting lost in translation.


Fool-Proof Tax Regime

Ireland is high on the list of global investment locations for businesses in that it hosts a very agreeable tax regime. This includes a corporate tax rate of 12.5% for active business as well as a very kind domestic law withholding tax exemptions.

In fact, while on the topic of taxes and costs, Irish boutique firms are very minimal when it comes to additional expenses. Everything adds up, be it rent-rates, cost of service to salaries, that is why it is wiser to opt for the smaller option, there is less room for bills to grow.


Ireland is flourishing rapidly in the grounds of operating with foreign businesses. With its history of diligent workers, spotless track-record and a lucrative tax regime, it’s potential and the clients it works with will know no bounds.