Posted on Monday 14 May 2018 by Cruickshank Intellectual Property

When it comes to deciding on the best intellectual property strategy for your business, it can be a daunting and somewhat confusing experience. Is it a patent, a trade mark or design protection you require? Or possibly all three? To help make the best decision, you will more than likely request the services of an intellectual property firm, or IP Firm as they are also known, which is equipped to answer your questions and identify your needs. This then leads to your next important decision, which intellectual property firm should you use? Here, we provide you with a few simple tips when it comes to choosing the best intellectual property firm for your needs.

Look for intellectual property experience

When it comes to patent protection, the best intellectual property firms will specialise in different areas. These extend across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, life sciences, electronics and engineering, to name just a few. Choosing an intellectual property firm with a background knowledge of your industry will not only be beneficial in protecting your business interests but will ensure that you get the best opportunity to obtain patent protection. After all, an intellectual property firm that engages with and is interested in your concept will know more about the industry and processes involved.

Smaller can often be better

Size does count. A smaller intellectual property firm can have more control over its own costs. Most will be keen to pass those savings directly onto clients in order to retain their business. Typically, smaller intellectual property firms will appoint a dedicated account handler to deal with all your queries, so you benefit from a single point of contact with in-depth knowledge of your company and your filing history, leading to faster response times.

With a smaller organisation you can be assured of receiving one-to-one interaction, a personable service and an opportunity to build closer relationships.

Compatibility with your intellectual property firm is key

When seeking patent or trade mark advice, it is important to be aware that this is a long-term relationship, which means that you need to work well with your intellectual property firm and be compatible. Applying and obtaining intellectual property protection can be a lengthy journey so you want to ensure you will have a good working relationship with your firm and can be open and honest in your interactions – and that works the other way too. You want an intellectual property firm that will give you constructive feedback and outline potential challenges/obstacles that need to be addressed. This is a sign of experience and knowledge and demonstrates that they will protect your interests. The best business relationships achieve their objectives through consistent care, reliability and, perhaps most importantly, trust.

When choosing an intellectual property firm, make sure it is one that understands your business and goals. It should proactively work to keep your best interests at heart, providing insight and expertise. If you are in need of patent, trade mark or design protection, Cruickshank may be the intellectual property firm for you. Our dedicated team can provide you with assistance regarding your rights and requirements. You can contact us at any time for more information or to arrange a meeting.